In addition to our tool boxes and other products, we offer a full line of
truck beds for both farm and commercial trucks.  We have built beds
for trucks of all different sizes, from compact trucks to large industrial
trucks.  We can customize these beds with a variety of different options
including headache rack style, rear bumper style, lighting kits, side
rails, toolboxes, fender skirts, hydraulic bale stingers, hitches, racks,
etc.  Rural fire departments love the way we let them customize the
trucks for their needs.  We also offer installation services to remove the
factory truck bed and install the new Jarit truck bed, along with any
accessories you may need.  If you have an idea for a design you would
like, let us know and we can work up a quote for it.  Most of our beds
are made using steel tread plate, however we make beds out of
aluminum diamond plate as well.  Click on the pictures below to see
some examples of truck beds we have made for people.
Truck Beds and Accessories
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